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Glockenklang Bassware Line

You'll find a
Glockenklang amplifier and speaker combination to suit any style and taste of bass playing within this range with absolutely the best quality construction and electronics available combined with ease of use for both live and studio work. You won't find place for any fashion trends or gimmicks with any Glockenklang product.

After all, it's all about your music, your bass, it's all about your tone and sound, isn't it?

Then look no further...at the
Glockenklang Bassware Line of bass amplification products designed and manufactured according to Glockenklangs exacting standards to amplify your instrument and sound.

Bassware Line offers a full range of amplifiers and speaker cabinets to cover every type and style of music genre and are the most accessible in the Glockenklang products catalogue.

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Glockenklang - Designed and Made in Germany

For product information and specification please click-on the link below that will take you directly to Glockenklang’s web pages covering the superb Bassware Line of products...


Bassware Line