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Glockenklang, a German audio electronics specialist, began building high-quality PA and Hi-Fi equipment in 1974 and started building bass amplification in 1988.

'Glockenklang' translated from German means 'Bell Sound' which epitomises the company's approach to amplification - that the final sound should be the clearest, purist tone without any colouration, revealing the instrument's true sound, tone and character in absolute detail.

Retro-stying and level meters, gimmicky features such as inaccurate integral tuners and acoustic enhancers, a multitude of buttons, knobs and slidders, well you simply won't find any of this incorporated into a Glockenklang amplification product. After all, as a bass player or acoustic musician it's the quality of sound and tone that's most important isn't it? That's why you'll see exactly what you need on the control panel to give simple and effective control of your sound which is what you need when performing live on stage or in the studio.

A Glockenklang amplifier system can provide the absolute bed-rock platform for your sound and tone and if you need to add any effects or even a valve preamp to cover differing musical styles or demands you'll always have the confidence that the end result will be superb and reliable every time.

Consequently, many high-end bass builders use 'Glocks', as they are affectionately called, as a reference standard because they reveal an instrument's nuances and character in microscopic detail. Luthiers often set their Glock's tone controls nearly flat or bypass them completely to hear a bass's pure sound.

Glockenklang covers the sound and tonal ranges needed from jazz to heavy rock artists and everything in between.

We believe that Glockenklang Bass Amplification represents the best solid state bass amplifiers available. Their philosophy to produce the cleanest, purist products to amplify your sound and tone permeate every product they produce.

If you seek the ultimate in pure bass tone and power, look no further...Glockenklang

By the way...jazz guitar players have also discovered Glockenklang amplification deliver superb jazz tone and sound...

Artists using Glockenklang products include:
Kai Eckhardt - Trilok Gurtu Group · Steve Swallow · Oliver Riedel - Rammstein · Bobby Vega · Ken Lawrence · Trip Wamsley · Jim Crichton - Saga · Tiran Porter - Doobie Brothers · Victor Bailey - Bill Evans Superband · Christian McBride - Pat Matheney Trio · Bruno Chaza · Michael Beinhorn (LA-Producer) and many other musicians...